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Case Study

Union Bank part of MUFG uses OpenLegacy to integrate mainframe into new digital platform

Incorporating significant mainframe workloads into the Union Bank’s new digital platform was the bank’s biggest obstacle. With much of the target architecture already in place, the bank needed to implement a modern, cutting-edge, event-driven digital architecture and enable automated mainframe API creation and deployment. Due to layers of complex middleware, the project was expected to take months. After finding other options to be complex, hard to install and maintain, the Union Bank chose an event-driven architecture using Apache Kafka from which all platforms would send and receive.

See their amazing results. View the case study to learn more.

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“OpenLegacy liberated our legacy system from our middleware stack, resulting in a dramatically streamlined process and significant capital savings. From now on, when it comes to legacy integration, we’re using the OpenLegacy platform for all our digital initiatives.”