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White Paper

The Hidden Costs of z/OS Connect

“The most expensive free thing you will ever buy from IBM"

Architecturally, z/OS Connect and OpenLegacy occupy the same space and it would be easy to assume that we do similar things when viewed from a high-level architectural perspective. However, if you break that down into an actual day-to-day functional perspective, the picture looks vastly different.

Trying to decide between the two? This white paper covers:

  • Comparisons re: Set-up, Implementation, Standardization, Connectivity, Microservices, DevOps, Maintenance
  • Which features are manual versus automated and how does that impact your organization?
  • Which features are unavailable in z/OS? Are they important to you?
  • What are the cost considerations in terms of ongoing maintenance? What about services fees, skills required, technology infrastructure costs and deployment?
  • Considering a microservices architecture? Understand the difference between Openlegacy's microservice-based APis and z/OS Connect APIs.

Please view the white paper to help in your decision-making.

White Paper - z/OS Connect.

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