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On-Demand Webinar

How Your Peers Are LeveragingLegacy Systems for Innovation

webinar featuring Craig Beattie, Industry Analyst for Celent and Zeev Avidan, OpenLegacy

Learn How Banks and Insurance Companies Utilize Microservices and APIs to Release Digital Innovations Faster

For most organizations, legacy systems are the slowest link in the continuous delivery chain, but microservices and APIs are bringing legacy systems up-to-speed.

Rather than the costly and daunting task of legacy migration or modernization, some banks and insurance companies have found a different approach.

This webinar uses real-life examples explaining how microservice APIs are used to deliver innovation today while laying a path toward future legacy migration. Topics include:

  • The specific ways that APIs and microservices can be utilized and the pros and cons of each
  • How to avoid a microservices architecture that adds to complexity, total cost of ownership and technical debt
  • Approaches for increasing automation and testing of independent microservices from legacy systems for swift deployment to the mobile, web and cloud
  • Why microservice-based APIs deliver greater value to the entire organization, including DevOps

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Featured Speakers

Craig Beattie
Senior Analyst, Celent Co-author of Legacy Modernization In the World of APIs, DevOps and Microservices Whitepaper

Working with Celent, experts in financial services technology, Craig has extensive experience in legacy modernization and enterprise architecture.

Zeev Avidan
Chief Product Officer, OpenLegacy

Zeev has been involved with the concept of microservices since the early days of EAI and SOA. Over the past 20 years, he has seen firsthand the pitfalls and challenges with integration and legacy systems.