Insurance Claims Management

Insurance agents save 30% of their time through integrated, secure web application

For over 80 years, a leading insurance and finance company has been providing a wide variety of insurance, pension and financial assets management services products for close to 25% of the overall individual and business customer market within their country of operation.

The Insurance’s core business applications were written two decades ago on an IBM AS/400 platform. Seven years ago, about 70% of the applications were modernized to a Java and web environment.

Last year, the company decided to modernize the auto insurance claim management application, that was still using “green screens.” As part of their usual workflow, agents had to switch between the web application and the green screens, slowing them down, decreasing productivity, and increasing response time to customers.

Using OpenLegacy secure, standard web services were generated that encapsulate the legacy transactions, and then were integrated into the existing web application. The insurance company let us know: “We love OpenLegacy’s intuitive interface for creating new services and maintaining existing services. The code it generates is a breeze to update and extend.”

Download the case study to learn how the web services were developed within ten days, and the resulting cost savings and improved productivity.