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Panama Branch of Leading Bank SpeedsTime-To-Market by 50% and Reduces Cost

OpenLegacy reduces post-merger technical complexities, aligns mainframes with DevOps, and helps the bank create new digital channels faster & cheaper

Despite wanting to be an innovative, “FinTech-ready” bank, the organization was stifled by post-merger legacy systems spread across two countries and some of the highest operating costs of any bank in the region. Mainframe programming using COBOL was done in Colombia, Java programming was done Panama and the infrastructure was maintained by a third-party global systems integrator. Excessive complexity delayed time-to-market for new mainframe-based products and services, often requiring 6 months or more for deployment.

With OpenLegacy, the bank created 12 APIs in a few hours, and deployed a new digital payment processing service for commercial bank clients in just 90 days, 50% faster than typical mainframe projects. Mainframe modernization projects are now well aligned with DevOps for velocity and scale, including specialized tests and quality control indicators.

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Case study - Banking Modernization

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“We needed to be leaner and meaner. We could no longer wait to write a program on the mainframe, then wrap it and publish as a web service.”

Panama Bank Executive