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Case Study

Credicorp uses OpenLegacy APIs for all Panama Canal Transaction Approvals

30 microservices & 70 legacy APIs in 10 weeks, 50% fewer resources, and 300% faster API performance

Credicorp's approach to the different challenges of integrating its systems had been to follow traditional web services deployment. However, the latter required great efforts and time from the IT staff to comply with very demanding timeframes. The highly coupled service architecture did not allow for agile modifications and the quick deployment of new functionality. After a careful and extensive evaluation of available solutions, Credicorp decided to base its API platform on a microservice ecosystem from OpenLegacy with Docker containers.

View the case study to learn more. 


View this case study

“The biggest challenge we faced, was building a platform that would allow us to consolidate all of the customer’s information and provide our colleagues with a 360-degree view, so that they could translate every interaction into a unique experience.”

David Martinez, Architecture Manager