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Case Study

Bezeq harnesses the power of microservices and APIs for mobile application

Bezeq modernizes its major portal without expensive middleware or proprietary software

The company had a portal that was heavily used by thousands of employees for all HR-related activities, from vacation requests and expense reports to travel approval and meeting room reservations. However, this portal, developed in .NET, no longer provided the most up-to-date functionality, and developing new features took a long time and involved multiple development teams. In addition, the cost reporting features on the portal were no longer in line with how employees submitted expenses. The portal’s slow speed and outdated interface became a nuisance for the employees who depended on it.

With the help of OpenLegacy’s solutions, the company’s portal now fulfills the most current needs of thousands of employees. A new set of APIs being developed will support mobile applications used by technicians in the field to quickly and easily submit expense reports by uploading photos from the employee’s phone. In addition, the microservices solution was able to accommodate the changing needs of the company’s cost reporting system. In three days, OpenLegacy developed 8 REST APIs on top of the SAP Human Capital Management module for expense reporting, providing much-needed flexibility.

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Case study - Telecommunications Company

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“OpenLegacy helped us unlock the power of microservices.”

Chief Information Officer