A leading department store buys into mobile AS/400 connectivity – without the hefty price tag

As a savvy retailer, being data-driven and providing management with easy access to data and analytics have always been top priorities to this large department store chain.

The retailer’s core business applications reside on an IBM AS/400 – including applications for store management, sales floor tracking, reporting, and finance. While the applications consistently offer high stability and high quality of data, the main pain point was their user interface – namely, the “green screens.” The antiquated UI led to a steep learning curve for new users, and low productivity. Beyond these usability issues, the data was not easily accessible by other applications, and was not available on any mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The retailer chose OpenLegacy over a costly, time consuming, and risky legacy migration of its ERP application.

Download the case study to read how OpenLegacy was used to transform core AS/400 business processes into mobile applications, simplifying the “green screens” interface using intuitive web and mobile elements, and making business metrics and key performance indicators easily accessible to its managers.