Insurance Services

Leading Insurance Firm launches innovative agent portal connected to core iSeries application

Founded in 1935, and now managing over $50 billion in premiums annually, this publicly-traded insurance company is the third largest in its country of operation. Using technology to increase the productivity and efficiency of its insurance agents has always been paramount to the company.

Download the case study to learn how within a few hours, the team were able to bring a complex iSeries transaction (with multiple screens and business flows) into the agent portal using OpenLegacy’s open-standard API solution.

Security, compliance with regulations, and API management were all critical elements for the project to succeed and using OpenLegacy’s Secure Web Gateway the deployed application successfully passed both an in-depth security audit, and a comprehensive performance benchmarking test, ensuring the ability to serve thousands of concurrent users.

The results led to improved agent experience, increased productivity and satisfaction. All accomplished without the need to re-write COBOL code and change iSeries business logic — a risky move which could have taken months.