Healthcare (HMO)

HMO improves call center productivity by 60% through legacy Web enablement

Operating for more than 80 years, this nation-wide Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is the third largest in the country, serving over a tenth of the population through over 250 clinics and medical centers.

The HMO prides itself on providing top-quality healthcare and unrivaled customer satisfaction, with technological innovation being a key pillar of its success.

At the heart of its customer service platform is an IBM AS/400 application used for booking doctor appointments, accessed by call center representatives as well as HMO members through an Internet application built on top of it.

To continue providing the best possible service, the user experience of this application was in need of improvement.

Download the case study to discover how the OpenLegacy platform helped the HMO create a new web application utilizing modern web widgets such as calendar, unified search, auto-complete, and navigation menu – all after only a week of development time.