Car Importer

Leading car importer steps on the gas with mobile AS/400 application

A leading car importer wanted to optimize and speed up its sales process by allowing sales managers to review and approve requests for discounts and financing remotely. Unfortunately, the business process for discount review and approval existed on the AS/400 platform – making it available only through a desktop emulation. The company noticed that in many cases, the process from request to approval was slow: if the manager was not at his or her desk or at the office, the request would not be seen or approved for hours (or even days). In the meantime, the customer would leave the dealership, sometimes taking their business elsewhere and not completing the purchase.

Download the case study to learn how the importer used OpenLegacy to develop a mobile application informing managers of new requests for approval in real-time, and how OpenLegacy’s intuitive development environment led to extremely fast development and deployment time.